About this site

This blog is for me to share weekly the best thoughts I have. This can be related to startups, businesses, productivity, philosophy, books, economics or life in general. Basically...whatever I’m thinking the most about for the past week.

About me:

Melvin Foo is the founder and CEO of Whizz Mobility. He assists with technical strategy - both software and hardware. On the business side, he also leads operations, business development, sales, human resources, and fundraising. To date - Whizz has delivered more than 12,000 meals and has also raised capital from outside VCs. He believes in sharing his experience and is also passionate about elevating the consciousness in which people go about their lives. For fun, he pretends to play badminton and pretends to be a writer :)

How frequently will I publish:

I will try to commit to a weekly schedule.

Why am I doing this:

Simplifying and compressing complicated topics for others

  1. So that people don’t need to fall into the same pitfalls as me
  2. Save people time and effort
  3. Help people consider more sides of an issue
  4. Change people's lives for the better

Personal Goals

  1. To get better at written communication
  2. As a reminder of my thoughts on topics
  3. To help me consolidate & process thoughts